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Guest posting, also known as Guest blogging, is the practice of contributing to someone else's blog so that it will construct relationships, publicity, authority, and of course, a backlink to your website. Guest posts are valuable tools for brand advertising and brand's reputation. On the other side, bloggers are interested by publishing high-quality content material on their blogs in the aim of attracting new readers. This makes Guest Posting a win-win solution for each website owners and bloggers. Your URL will increase it's authority and trust flow from a search engines point of view, and bloggers will attract more readers from your quality content on their blog. But to stay in a win-win solution, the content published must be unique and of good quality. This is why the GetZQ's Guest Posting services include writing unique and quality content and publishing them of high authoritative and trusted blogs and websites. All of our Guest Posting services also include building some 2nd tier backlinks to each of the created articles to make them even more attractive to search engines. You provide the URL and keywords, we do the rest! And to optimize the power of your new created Guest Post backlinks, GetZQ will create a bunch of 2nd tier backlinks to each of them, and send them for free to our silver indexer service to get them indexed as fast as possible in the search engines.