Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take for delivery of my purchased service?

Each service has a different delivery time that is shown in the service's description. As we work hard to satisfy your needs, we often complete and deliver your order before the mentionned delay. At any time, you can track the status of your orders in your profile's page.

What are ZQ Coins and what are their use?

The ZQ Coins are the basement of the GetZQ Reward System. Receive 20% of ZQ Coins on every of your purchases, then convert your ZQ Coins into discount coupons. The more you stack ZQ Coins the higher discount you will get. This way, our reward system is not only perfect for resellers and bulk buyers, but also for small businesses and projects! Convert your ZQ coins to coupons from your profile's page and get your discount coupon code.

Can I pay with bitcoins or other cryptocurrency?

We accept more than 20 different cryptocurrencies, including BitCoins, LiteCoins, Dash, Ethereum, etc... Simply choose the "Cryptocurrency" payment methode in your Shopping Cart and you will be redirected to the coinpay processor to complete the payment.

Can I pay using credit cards (Visa, MasterCard)?

You can pay with your credit card using paypal, even if you do not have any accounts with them. Simply click the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" link under their logging form when you get redirected to their website as shown in the image below. No need to create any paypal account! If you do not have this option, you might need to use a VPN with USA connetion to allow "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option.

What is the difference between confirmed and started order status?

The confirmed status is when we have received your payment, but your order has not yet been reviewed by one of our team member. Once it has been reviewed, your order will be placed in the queue and your order's status will be switched to "STARTED!". You can consult the status of your orders at any time by visiting the List Orders section of our website.

How can I be sure the service has been totally completed as requested and purchased?

Before each delivery, we have softwares that scan and re-check the work done before building the order's report. This way, we make sure all your purchased backlinks are online and accessible when we send you the report. Still, you can double-check our work : all 1st tiers, 2nd tiers and 3rd tiers baclinks will be shown to their parent URL so that you can trace them easily.

How much time does it takes to see any difference in my SEO results if I use GetZQ?

We ping all our generated backlinks to make sure they get indexed as fast as possible and all backlinks are generally indexed in less than 48 hours. Repercutions on your website's authority, citation and trust flow can be seen in the next few days after the backlinks are indexed, it can take up to a week. Depending on your website's content and keyword competition, you should see a difference in less than 30 days in the search engine's results.

For any other questions, information, tips and tricks regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), please refer to the information section of our website or contact us.