What is the best SEO strategy?

We've been frequently asked, for instance:

"What is the best quantity of bookmarks/backlinks for my website, web page, YouTube video, blog, etc?"

"What is the best number of days between every SEO campaigns?"

"Will the GetZQ protocol work for my website, web page, YouTube video, blog, etc?"

Unfortunatly, there is no broad principle or ground breaking strategy that everyone could use as a "all-in-one" strategy. There is no sorcery number. Search engine optimization is a complexe thing that depends on numerous components and you can't apply the same whole strategy to all of your site/pages.

Each site/page is individual and should be treated in that manner. That said there are some broad guidelines/good judgment tips you can follow and we will try to cover them here. First of all, on top of everything, you must keep in mind that the most significant key to progress and success is content. You need to have incredible substance, it is an unquestionable requirement! And when we are talking about content and substance, we mainly refer to text content that search engines can crawl, find and index. Having a bunch of images and videos won't help you gain the top first place in google search results! Search engines LOVE content... so keep giving the beast something nice to eat!

Once your website is ready and has good content, you simply need to push it with few quality backlinks and social media signals to kick it off to the sky! Some people make the mistake of getting massive low-quality backlinks directly to their primary website/pages and this can been seen as spam from search engines. It is alot more efficient to build a few quality backlinks over the time and advertize (feed) them with multiple other backlinks. This strategy is called pyramidal backlink scheme and is the most efficient strategy for a successful SEO campaign.

In conclusion, you need to understand that quality is much more important than quantity. If you don't, you will then realize like many before you that came up short and when asked they say "I attempted web promoting and SEO and it sucks!". This is why the sooner you learn the basic laws of search engine optimization and realize that you need to upgrade the way you deal with it, the sooner you will begin to see enhancements.