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Pyramidal backlink is a common name for the approach of building backlinks funnels to attracts attention and signal to internet crawlers that other websites quote and referred your content and URL. Understanding this, if you want to boost your seo efforts, you will want to keep in mind the importance of deploying a tiered one way link pyramidal strategy. A way to do it? It's easy! Build backlinks to your own backlinks, much like a one-way link funnel, to create a scheme also known as “link pyramid”. We, at GetZQ, are expert in profile backlink's pyramid builders. We use .edu and .gov profile backlinks as 1st tier and pointing directly to your website because search engines tend to acknowledge more trust and authority to these websites. As for the 2nd tier backlink layer, we will create hundreds of profile backlinks from forums, wikis, bookmarking websites and social medias where, at last, thousands of dofollow and nofollow back links will be created as 3rd tier layer to attract all the attention we can have from search engines. Simply supply us your URL and keywords and we will do the rest for you!
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edu/gov Pyramidal Scheme

15 edu/gov Pyramid

15 edu/gov profile backlink scheme 5665+ backlinks created

Sales price: $105.00

25 edu/gov Pyramid

25 edu/gov profile backlink scheme 11775+ backlinks created

Sales price: $175.00